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Star-Lite [3]

by Ethan on October 14th, 2010

Special guests! The inspiration for our website had some interesting ideas about our game. I think she thought it was anonymous or incognito. She texted me on the way to meet us that another friend was joining, and could they pick their code names for the review?

So, Adam & I were joined by “Sunshine” and “Monika” (names changed to protect the scientific). In consideration of the long drive to the West End from their Secret Lair, Adam graciously chose a favorite spot of his close to Sunshine & Monika’s laboratory, the Star-Lite. This was my first visit.

The day was cold and rainy, so our choices tacked towards each diner’s comfort zone. Adam ordered his standard, the Meat Loaf Sandwich. Sunshine didn’t make it past the words “Tomato Bisque” on the Specials Board and supplemented that with a GCS. Monika also grabbed a cup of soup and a salad, and I tucked in with a French Dip and a Cup of Freedom.

Service was okay on this sparsly-populated lunch time, and Adam’s Meat Loaf Sandwich was different from last time and lacked the side of gravy. Those were the only complaints. Sunshine dispatched her soup quickly, and the waitress thought she was kidding about a second bowl. (Spoiler Alert!: Sunshine doesn’t kid about Tomato Bisque). My French Dip was very good and I enjoyed the side of Freedom Onion Soup instead of stock Au Jus. And good god, the coffee. Essential and delicious.

The Star-Lite is a trek from where Adam and I work, but that’s the only thing stopping us from a return visit soon. Well, that, and we both hate to lose.

Lunch topics: work, phage, Halloween, grandparents, torrents, the FBI

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  1. samichez permalink

    Definitely nice to have the additional company and make the trek to a place I haven’t been in over year.

  2. 1. No porn talk this time?

    2. You sound like Agent Cooper talking about that coffee.

    3. I haven’t had French dip since D-Hall. I need to get me one of those.

  3. ethan permalink

    1. Only as a joke.
    2. That’s a good role model.
    3. Really? Wow. It’s a go-to sandwich for me.

  4. Dena permalink

    You had me at Tomato Bisque. I love soup of any kind.
    Okay Coffee – so it’s not Blanchard’s…What is it?

  5. ethan permalink

    That, Dena Marie, is your mission. Find out!


  6. Dena permalink

    Perhaps I’ll pay them a visit, a sales visit next week.

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