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5 Star Gyros & Subs [7]

by Ethan on November 9th, 2010

(Photo Courtesy RetailByRyan95 on flickr).

This is our go-to lunch place. Adam and I eat lunch together more than once some weeks, and if it’s a “bonus” lunch, it’s almost always 5 Star Gyros & Subs.

From the outside, it looks like Generic Repurposed Long John Silver’s #578. But step inside and you see it’s… still Generic Repurposed Long John Silver’s #578. Clean and bright, but with no real character to it. Feels like someone set out to design a generic fast food place. But nevermind the decor, the food is always delicious and always hot. When we don’t know where to go, we go here and we’re very happy. A gyro-fries-soda combo will set you back the West-End-standard $9, but it’s worth it.

An interesting note: it seems to be a Dude Place. Often times we go and the only women in the place are the ones working behind the counter or in the back. Weird.

Lunch topics: work, The NFL, Kids in the Hall, the popularity of poker on TV

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  1. Chuck permalink

    I’ve always wondered about that place when I have to go to sams club for work. I might just try it out.

  2. ethan permalink

    Same. Don’t know how many times I almost went there and went to Arby’s instead. No more.

    Let us know when you’re going!

  3. Chort AKA Chris permalink

    My gf actually make really good lamb, It’s also help that she Greek and she make me lamb at least once a week!!!!

    P.S. The white sauce is actually cucumber sauce

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