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New York Deli [12]

by samichez on January 2nd, 2011

Following our trip to Boychicks in late November we decided that one day we would pursue the origin of the sailor. The fates conspired sooner than we imagined though. The Johnsons and Tabibs convened this week for the first annual 52L family luncheon. Free of work and school, we met up at One Eyed Jacques and World of Mirth before making our way to New York Deli.

The interior has undergone a drastic renovation since any of us had been there last. If memory serves the old setup was much smaller and more deli like. The new look is all hardwood floors, natural light and plenty of seating. Which worked out great when the wait staff asked a few patrons to move to smaller tables to make way for our larger group. The childrens menu double as a clip art coloring book and offered plenty of variety to keep each kid happy.

The main attraction was not hot dogs and spaghetti though it was the legendary sailor. Allison, Ethan and I all ordered one, while Crystal went with a turkey and apple sandwich. I’ll start by submitting that you can’t go wrong ordering a sailor at Boychicks or NY Deli. After eating both I prefer the former though. The NY sailor was presented open face style which left the bread soggy from steam. The pastrami was better though, which may have been why the Johnsons preferred the original. Like I said order both though.

The rest of the meal was par for the course for the most part. The fresh cut fries were a cut above the rest (get it, sorry), while the potato salad was the only low point for me in the whole experience. Taken as a whole I wish this place was much closer to my home or office. It is that good.

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