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Two Guys Pizza [15]

by Ethan on January 23rd, 2011

I maintain that pizza is the perfect food. It represents all of the Four Food Groups: Meat Group, Cheese Group, Bread Group, and Sauce Group. Shut up, Food Pyramid, what do you know! A recent stomach bug left me without an appetite for days, and I couldn’t wait to get better so I could eat pizza again.

So, when a new pizza place opened in Short Pump next to the movie theater, Adam and I both took notice, as have local Urbanspooners. Not only is this in our lunchtime stomping grounds, but it’s perfectly situated for a pre-movie bite. Lunchtime on a Wednesday was a mixed bag, however.

Two Guys Pizza is clean, comfortable, and pretty spacious for a small location in this neighborhood. They have the menu you expect from a pizza place: pizzas, heros, calzones & stromboli, and more. Beer & wine too, if that fits in your schedule. And the lunchtime specials are remarkably affordable for Short Pump. Pizza, side, and a soda is available in a variety of combinations, many well below the Short Pump standard $9. For value alone, this is a place worth looking at.

The tricky part is the food presentation. Adam and I walked in at high noon to find all the pies and sides pre-made and ready to be reheated. I understand the tradeoff: lunch crowds are in a hurry, as are pre-show eaters who only have a few minutes before a movie. But when I walk into a pizza place at noon, I expect to be greeted with the smell of pizza. That essential sense of warmth is an incredible appetizer, but was missing this day. It seems like something should be coming out of the oven at noon. Adam mentioned that he did’t want reheated pizza premade who-knows-when. That’s valid.

Adam might have suffered from his food choice as well. The side dish Pinwheels caught both of our eyes, but there wasn’t enough variety to suit both of us. Two of the three Pinwheels contain pork, which Adam prefers not to eat. This left the third, which was identical to the White-Spinach pizza he had already ordered. He switched his order to the garlic knots which he found underwhelming. Overall, he found his meal to be bland and disappointing.

I was a little luckier. I dig on swine just fine and enjoyed my Bacon and Pepperoni Pinwheels to accompany my slice of Everything Pizza. That was a lot of food for Adam’s $6.50. The Pinwheels are pastry dough wrapped around cheese and meat. A little greasy, but hey, I’m the guy that didn’t order a salad.

All in all, 52L disagrees on Two Guys Pizza. Adam saw enough to know he’s not interested in going back. Meanwhile, due to ordering luck or plain old omnivoraciousness, I see a place for TGP in my rotation. It’s fast food. I’ll think about it for a quick bite before or after a movie. But for a planned lunch, there are warmer & better pizza places nearby.

Lunch topic: Everyone is wrong except us

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  1. Always enjoy reading these, but this time the lunch topic was the best part! Keep it up!

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