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Mekong [17]

by Ethan on February 7th, 2011

When we moved from the DC area to Richmond in 2006, Allison and I knew we were giving up a great restaurant city. Thankfully, Richmond has quite a restaurant culture for a city its size. Years ago, when the Braves were about to leave town, I had a conversation with two coworkers. One complained that Richmonders didn’t go to the games, and asked, “What do people in Richmond do?” And my boss wisely responded, “They go out to eat.”

One type of food that is well-represented is Vietnamese food, and while my friends had frequently raved about Mekong, I had never been. Adam and I met Chuck there and it’s too bad it was for lunch, because their beer selection lived up to its reputation. Adam had never been either, but had firm expectations based on his familiarity with Da Lat; the owners of the two restaurants are brothers. Chuck is very familiar from many lunches and his own wedding reception some years ago. This may explain why they both ordered smarter than me. Both Adam had the Broken Rice (grilled chicken) and Chuck had the Rice Noodle salad. Both came with a sauce to pour over that’s making my mouth water from envy as I write this. I ordered a forgettable lunch special. It was tasty, but kinda meh in comparison to my companion’s meals.

Mekong is hard to spot from Broad Street and seems tiny, until you realize that it goes back back back back. Turns out it’s quite roomy. The service was very attentive and by the end of lunch the place was full of happy diners. I found the atmosphere to be lively and an enhancement to the experience. So I’ll definitely be back. I’ll just order better next time.

Lunch topics: RPGs, comics, balancing “spouse time” and “play time”

Edit: Got Chuck’s meal wrong. Corrected.

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  1. Michael permalink

    Mekong is one of our go-to places when it’s family-dinner-out night.

    The Pho is outstanding. I recommend the meatball and beef.

    Also, keep an eye out for when they have beer parties. An will get “rare” kegs of beer and tap them in the back bar area. Good times.

  2. Dena permalink

    My favorite Mekong meal is their bowl of noodles. Served on shredded lettuce, cucumbers and carrots – sauce on side. Choose from toppings of egg roll, pork, chicken, etc. Cravings for this dish can be expected twice a month.

  3. Chuck permalink

    Correction- I had rice noodle salad, but the broken pork chop plate of doom is my second go to.

  4. samichez permalink

    It almost feels like cheating that we will get to eat at DaLat some time this year too. I heart both of these places in a big way. I just wish I had had the appetite for some rocket shrimp to go with my entrée and spring roll.

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