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Lehja [23]

by Ethan on March 18th, 2011

Hey, did you hear about that new Indian place that opened in the West End in 2010? The modern, upscale Indian restaurant, where the waitstaff is courteous in their all-black attire and the interior is more like an expensive salon than a family-run eatery?

Yes, us too. Both of them.

And 52 Lunches has tried, really tried to see the appeal of Lehja over Anokha. Already fans of Anokha, a friend recommended the slightly-newer Lehja over it. We tried last year (pre-52L) and gave it another go this week. And the choice is clear for us between them.

Adam and I both chose the lentil soup over the salad and both regretted it. We still eat like teenagers and it’s rare that we don’t finish something put in front of us, even if it’s mediocre. Both of us instantly disliked the lentil soup, which was pureed with an odd aftertaste.  Being good eaters we decided to trudge on, and still pushed half of it away uneaten. Not good.

The rest of the meal was better, if unimpressive. Lehja delivers quality food in a nice presentation, but it’s bland. My Tandoori Chicken Tikka was juicy and tender, but flavorless. Adam’s Chicken Tikka Masala was the same. One nice thing is the naan was hot & delicious and they brought seconds.

It’s too easy to review a restaurant by comparing to a rival. But in this case it’s hard not to. These two restuarants are less than a mile from one another. If you’re willing to play Frogger on Broad Street, it’s less than a ten-minute walk between them.

To be fair, we have only tried Lehja for lunch… this isn’t 52 Dinners, after all. With an expanded menu and livelier atmosphere, we might be left with a better impression. But as it stands, we cannot recommend Lehja over Anokha. It’s fine, but Anokha is more, better food at a more reasonable price.

Lunch Topic: PAX East.

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  1. Dena permalink

    thanks for the warning.

    I need to try Anokha

  2. ethan permalink

    Yes you do.

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