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Rascals Pizza & Subs [24] (closed)

by samichez on March 28th, 2011

We didn’t set out to go to Rascals. In fact we didn’t know it existed. What we thought we were going to try was a new Thai place. Thai Flavor was still under construction though. So we assessed our situation, walked past Mexico (a fiesta for your mouth) and stopped at Rascals Pizza & Subs.

It is a new place and the interior definitely felt that way. Apart from being completely devoid of customers the the space felt empty all on it’s own. High ceilings, small furniture and lots of natural light all combined to give it the wrong vibe. We don’t review interior design here though. If that were the case 5 Star wouldn’t be on our greatest hits album.

Not wanting to spoil our meal on looks alone we ordered food. Apparently the thing to get is their pizza and salad buffet. While it may seem like a sweet deal at $6.99, I don’t fancy heat lamp leftovers. So we shook off convention and went with subs. Ethan got the Buffalo Chicken, I the Steak and a side of fries rounded out the order. Both of ours were over toasted. Dry and crumbly bread that was tough to chew and did a poor job of delivering it’s contents. Sadly the contents and Rascals in general were nothing to write home about either.

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