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Bellytimber Tavern [34]

by samichez on June 9th, 2011

Going to lunch in the Fan in the early 90s with my Mom was always a special treat. Everything seemed so foreign compared to the sprawling suburbs of the West End. The buildings were old, the bartenders were cool and the patrons super hip. The Fan ultimately played a role in why I went to VCU, stayed in Richmond and ended up at Bellytimber yesterday.

My Mom’s favorite place when we ventured East for lunch, Texas Wisconsin Border. Once a Richmond staple and now home to Bellytimber. Like many Fan based restaurants it is an old row house converted into first floor eatery. The wait staff is friendly and the walls are adorned with art I’d love for my home. It is an atmosphere that no West End joint will ever duplicate, no matter how hard they try.

On this 52 lunch adventure we meet up with Allison and her follow scientists for mostly pizza. Now I say “mostly” pizza because by my count we had three pies, one sub and a salad on the table. How long those items took to get to the table was point of dissatisfaction. Once they did arrive though, they were devoured in due course.

Ethan and Allison split a Belly Pie and Empenadas. Both items delighted by all counts, but were deemed not worthy of the drive or the wait by my counterpart. The other pies around the table looked brick oven cooked and tasty, but I could not speak to them. My lot in life landed me a salad, a delicious and well made Greek salad, but also not worthy of a wait. So our 52L stamp of approval comes with an asterisk this week. If you are in the Fan and have some free time, Bellytimber won’t do you wrong.  If you are two IT guys from the ‘burbs with an hour of lunch time, skip the 40 minute drive and grab a gyro.

Lunch topics: What is RP about RPGs, Science, Soup, Linear vs Supercoiled DNA, Science, Faux belt driven cooling systems, Science, Server bios, Getting salad at a pizza place, Science, Sporting events and Why RVA doesn’t have pro sports teams

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  1. Michael permalink

    The wait there is definitely the worst part. Really good pizza.

    I highly recommend the weekend brunch, though. They have a bloody mary bar. You get a glass with vodka and ice and they send you to a bar with lots of different mixes and bloody mary finxings. It’s a neat idea. And their brunch offerings are super-tasty, too.

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