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Rico’s Mexican Grill [38]

by samichez on July 25th, 2011

We are rapidly crossing off the heavy hitters of Mexican cuisine in the West End. There are a lot of them and they make for quick trips between work hours. At this point we know the deal. Hot food, that is prepared fast and with a smile (most of the time). It all seems to come from the same recipe book. It is tasty, but not earth shattering. So it was surprising to be surprised by Rico’s last week.

We both had been there once before for their dollar taco day. A Thursday tradition made legend by a former contracted co-worker who apparently loved tacos and frugal dinning. Our trip their was pleasant, but we both wrote it off as just another option for Mexican food. Nothing more nothing less. The decor was as you would expect. Beer signs and sombreros. Stucco walls and multi-colored woven blankets.

On Friday however we both ordered a slow carb friendly chicken fajitas plate. Beans instead of rice and your welcome to bring the tortillas, but they will not get unwrapped. What was shocking was how much better Rico’s chicken was than every other place in town. The blend of spices, sauces and whatever magic they added made it a real stand out. The sides that accompanied it were par for the course, but the chicken put them on it’s shoulders and took the meal to another level. It was tasty enough for each of us to declare Rico’s a new go to spot on quick lunch days.

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  1. Ben permalink

    Your review drove me and the fam to these guys for dinner…. and we weren’t disappointed. Thanks for the review and introducing us to our new favorite mexican place.

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