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Da Lat [42] (closed)

by samichez on August 19th, 2011

Da Lat is the West End cousin of Mekong, nearly the same menu, a little less focus on beer and mirror image of the atmosphere and service. It feels like cheating to go to both in the same season of fifty two lunches. If only 5 Star and Anokha had sister locations. A boy can dream, but said dream only comes true with Da Lat.

On the day we visited, we went with the intent to mostly stick to our self-imposed restrictions. A tough task at a joint known for noodle bowls and broken rice.  Thankfully you can always improvise. Ethan had the Ga Xao Rau Que – Basil chicken served on steamed veggies and jasmine rice. He simply asked to have it without the rice though. His was a lunch special and came with soup and a spring roll too. Unknown to him the spring roll was a vessel for shrimp delivery. A food he is allergic to. So I got a spring roll instead. Yeah me!

I had the Bun Bo Ga Nuong – grilled beef and chicken on lettuce, veggies and rice noodles. The noodles scream out “th3 carbz”, but they were not the main focus of the dish. Really tasty meals on both fronts. They come out quick and hot and the service is stellar. We did not want for water. Da Lat is a strong recommendation of recommended lunch time eating from us. Do you go to Mekong or Da Lat though, the choice is yours (hint: it doesn’t matter).

Lunch topics: ASoIaF, DotA 2, LoL, Fallout 3

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