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India K’ Raja [44]

by samichez on September 2nd, 2011

Being just good at what you do is often times good enough. That doesn’t sound like a way to start a glowing review, but trust in me dear reader. India K’ Raja deserves praise. The buffet was mostly fantastic. More hits than misses. The service was excellent and the atmosphere was “unpretentious”, their words not mine, but I’d agree.

We both enjoyed our trip to India K’ Raja this week. The buffet offered up a wide variety of taste. The chicken pasanda and mulligatawny soup stood out as stand outs. Ethan had a jal-jeera to drink and noted it’s unique and tasty flavors. I went to an old friend in the mango lassi. It was yummy and had free lunch refills. Two thumbs up! So why not pull the trigger and dub them king Indian food of the West End?

As a great Tennessean philosopher once said “To be the man, you gotta beat the man!”. Well that and “Woooooo!”, but you get the point. Anokha is the man. Their food is just better. The price is a near match and as the crow flies they not far enough apart to make either place  inconvenient. I appreciate the unpretentious dinning at India K’ Raja, but only in that it would probably make for a better family place. This isn’t 52 dinners though.

Lunch topics: HARP, ASoIaF, caffeine tolerance, tolerance for non-interactive media consumption via personal computer, comics, cord cutting as hobby or lifestyle.

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  1. chuck p permalink

    they still have beef on their menu? I don’t trust’em.

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