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Osaka Steak House [47]

by Ethan on September 23rd, 2011

We were probably due.

After almost two months of pleasant surprises and expected hits, we found ourselves with a miss this week. Adam has been to Osaka many times for teppanyaki, but this was a first visit for me and we both wanted sushi, anyway. Our lunch was a series of minor disappointments. The lunch menu had one “sushi special” which the helpful waitress indicated was Chef’s choice. I am mildly allergic to shrimp, so I’m pretty careful in Japanese restaurants, where shrimp is a staple. The idea of “Sushi Surprise” didn’t appeal to Adam or me, so we ordered bentro boxes, which looked promising:

That’s a lot of food, and with fine presentation. I ordered the sakura chicken box (pictured) which the menu indicated was spicy, and Adam had the black pepper beef box. It took us a while to realize it, but we couldn’t really taste any of our food. My chicken certainly wasn’t spicy, and Adam said he couldn’t taste any black pepper. That’s disappointing. The appetizer soup was fine, but I found the dressing on the complimentary salad to be bland and aggressively cold.

Adam says that the teppanyaki is on par with other Richmond Japanese places, but that’s not what we ordered this day. The layout of Osaka, with the hibachi grill less prominent and off to the side, indicates it’s a “plate first” establishment. If so, we can’t recommend it.

Pretty nerdy lunch topics: Cartoons for kids, Gears of War, Storm of Swords, Freedom Force & Irrational Games, J.R.R.Tolkien vs G.R.R.Martin.

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