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Pho Sài Gòn [46]

by samichez on September 16th, 2011

When we visit a new establishment I often wonder if they are getting a fair shake from us. We only come calling once, as is our nature and they might be still working out the kinks. It is not too heavy a burden for us, the hobbyist restaurant reviewers, but some part of me is always rooting for them. Pho Sài Gòn did not need our underdog cheers thankfully.

The location is not the best, but the interior was very nice. It was well lit and felt like a dash of upscale dining. The menu was not over crowded. Which always makes me feel like a restaurant knows what they do well. The service was prompt, though that could have been a product of the early hour we arrived. Oh and the food was fantastic. All a killer combo for a new kid on the block††. Definitely worth your time and dollars.

We three collectively (Ethan, Adam and Guest Brother Gabriel) had the Bun Thit Cha Gio and Bun Bo Nuong Cha Gio. The twenty one and twenty two, if you don’t want to look like an ass. Both dishes were rice noodle bowls with mixed veggies, peanuts and crispy pork spring rolls. Topped with charbroiled pork on the former and beef for the latter. Rave reviews where passed around the table. The protein was truly charbroiled, not “charbroiled”. It added a crunch to the otherwise crunch-less dishes, that was very welcome. All of it bathed in Nước chấm, I love that stuff, but don’t say it three times fast.

Lunch topics: aSoIaF, wallets, dub step, D&D, poor service at places known for good service, local baseball team, rock and a hard place cable company choices

† The small business owner embarking on the noble, but risk filled endeavor of the restaurateur.

†† “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.”

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