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Ichiban [48]

by samichez on October 5th, 2011

Somehow forty-eight plus weeks have passed since we last visited Ichiban for lunch. It was a part of season zero and was a dark horse darling for me. Now that we are writing about these lunch excursions, I really hoped our second trip would be just as good. I’ll cut to the chase. It delivered once again.

We went for the sushi, after being let down last week. Ichiban was a light in the dark, steering our lunch review blog back to the path of good taste. The lunch special included two rolls, miso soup and the standard ginger dressed salad. All for sub-$10 a piece. Lots of value for really good food. Ethan went with the Philadelphia roll and a spicy yellowtail, while I picked the shrimp tempura and a spicy tuna roll.  All four were good choices, even if we need to branch out in the sushi space. We went with or “go-tos” for this trip and were well served.

Of the service we received, I can give it a raving review. It may be a product of the restaurant being empty every time we have gone for lunch, but it was pleasant all the same. If you can make the trip to the non-office park friendly location you will be treated well. Though I am told it livens up for dinner.

Lunch topics: Kindle Fire, D&D, Gears of War, Homebrew 40k Play

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