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Vinny’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria [49]

by Ethan on October 11th, 2011

52 Lunches continued its tour of West End restaurants this week with a visit to Vinny’s Italian Grill and Pizzeria . Vinny’s is (SPOILER ALERT!) an Italian restaurant in a nondescript strip mall on Lauderdale. It has a family restaurant feel to it, and you wouldn’t know it was a chain unless you went to its website.

I had the Chicken Ceasar Salad, declining the garlic bread. Adam had the Philly Steak Sub with a side of chips. My salad looked and tasted terriffic. I’m not that picky on the vegetables in a salad… if they’re crisp, that’s good enough for me. For me, a salad is made or broken by its protein and the grilled chicken was excellent. Fresh, flavorful, delicious.

Adam wasn’t as lucky. He found the steak on his sub to be bland and the bread soggy. He still earned a Clean Plate Award (if such a thing existed) but remarked that the sandwich was disappointing and nothing he would order again. This visit was a mixed success, but we agree it remains a suitable family meal location, especially to order the pizza that other patrons were having. Adam has been to this restaurant several times in the past, and expects to again.

Lunch topics: What gives a city its cultural heart, balancing competing timesinks as part of a well-rounded family life, the new fall TV season, road trips

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  1. Leslie permalink

    Sure wish you would have tried any of their Italian dishes or pizza. This ex-New Yorker finds the prep and sauce very authentic Italian. Enjoying your blog. Thanks!

  2. Ethan permalink

    We’re definitely going back some time. My salad was great and Adam says the pie is a crowd-pleaser.

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