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Chicken Fiesta [53]

by Ethan on November 10th, 2011

Friend of 52 Lunches Chuck suggested Chicken Fiesta recently. The place had escaped my notice, despite very favorable reviews for its West End and Southside locations.. The West End location’s residence in a declining strip mall doesn’t help, but all you have to do it walk through the door. Bright, lively, and full of patrons on a Thursday midday.

I came forearmed with a meal recommendation, but it’s apparently no secret since Chuck and Adam ordered the same thing before me: Fiesta Salad with both Steak & Chicken. So good. Both meats are marinaded and the chicken is cooked on a rotisserie where all can see, then hand-pulled. I feel confident saying that Adam enjoyed his meal because I blinked and it was gone. I tried to savor it as long as I could, but demolished it pretty quickly. Highly recommended.

The best part may have been that night when I was getting ready to turn in. Allison had pulled up Urbanspoon on her phone and said, “We have to try this place, it’s supposed to be great.”

“…I ate lunch there today.”

“You did not!”

Gotta go back soon.

Lunch topics were aplenty: Will Apple make a TV?, Stephen Donaldson, competitiveness-to-a-fault in gaming, Ready Player One, LAN parties, GOG, whether Piers Anthony stands the test of time (SPOILER ALERT!: no), Batman: Arkham City.

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  1. Heather permalink

    Ready Player One is on my Amazon Wish List. Hope it was positive talk about it.

  2. Ethan permalink

    Definitely. I am enjoying it.

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