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Kuba Kuba [52]

by samichez on November 3rd, 2011

Fireworks, streamers, balloons, cuisine themed clowns for every cooking style we partook in? How does one celebrate a restaurant review blog goal that was a year in the making? We settled on something less ostentatious. Lunch at Kuba Kuba. A toast of the town eatery located in the heart of the Fan. Neither of us had been for lunch before, it’s a bit of a haul. This was an occasion though and the urbanspoon-iverse and beyond love this little Cuban joint on Park and Lombardy.

The nature of hype requires that one at least demonstrate some level of quality prior to attaining deserved or undeserved said hype. Public Enemy suggest that you may not want to believe the hype. Probably prudent advice when it comes to restaurants. We both were expecting to be wowed by our trip to Kuba Kuba. It was the reason we picked it for our 52nd outing. A sure bet to ringing in the blog review year.

Lunch started well enough. Our special guest, Allison, encouraged lunch topics outside our standard geek fare. Ethan ordered a pre-lunch Cafe con Leche and was floored by how good it was and the appeal of converted row house dinning will never wear thin on me. So much more character then anything west of Staples Mill. Great start. Then we ordered lunch.

A Kubanaso for Ethan,  Portobello Press for Allison and a Chicken-Pineapple Sandwich for me. Allison was pleased with her choice and we all enjoyed the side of fried plantains. Ethan and I were a bit confused by our meals though. The meat that arrived in both was bland. The Kubanaso was salvaged by the addition of chorizo, but there was no spiced sausage to rescue my dish. The Chicken-Pineapple Sandwich was delivered on a white sub roll. The chicken was dry, the pineapple was under-grilled and aforementioned sub roll fell apart.

How could this place rise to such lofty heights on the shoulders of a white sub rolls and poorly seasoned carne? Maybe we choose poorly, maybe it was an off day, new cook, something. The saving grace though, tres leches cake. It was moist, sweet, but not too sweet and lived up to the hype. We went for the whole package, but were only impressed by the pre-lunch coffee and post lunch cake. I’d recommend them on that alone, but only if they were an after dinner snack.

Lunch topics: Child rearing, spanking, restaurant week, 4X, Star Trek, Fall TV, 104 Lunches?

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  1. Ethan permalink

    Agreed, of course (all of our reviews are collaborative). I’ll add on a personal note that Allison and I went to Paris in 2001 and had the best coffee in our lives. That Cafe Con Leche was as good, easily the best coffee I’ve had in a decade.

  2. Kelly permalink

    I have to say that I’ve enjoyed the last 52 weeks of virtual lunching. I vote for 104! Thanks so much, Adam and Ethan, for the tour around Richmond and finding the exceptional (and the mundane) in the west end of town.

  3. Grant permalink

    I say keep it goin’ if you can. I’ve enjoyed reading about West End places off my radar. And add Mobile Munchies into the mix!

  4. samichez permalink

    We plan to, we had our 53rd this week. We will keep it alive till we run out of semi-close new places to eat

  5. Ethan permalink

    Thanks for following, Grant & Kelly!

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