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Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue [57]

by Ethan on December 12th, 2011

I used to hate barbeque. When I was growing up, my parents took me most years to High on the Hog in Church Hill, where they served music and Carolina-style barbeque. I had no idea that Carolina-style barbecue (pulled pork mopped in vinegar) was only one variety. I only knew I didn’t care for it (and it’s still not my favorite). After moving to Texas in 1998, I realized that barbecue is a point of local pride, with multiple regions claiming to be the home of “real barbeque”. I also realized I loved good barbeque.

Both halves of 52L love barbeque, which is why it’s surprising that we’re just getting around to Buz & Ned’s Real Barbeque. We’ve noticed the slow progress of their next location on West Broad and have been waiting patiently, but this day found ourselves in the neighborhood of their current sole location on Boulevard.

Buz & Ned’s is barbecue for purists. Walk-up ordering at the front of a busy kitchen, pay, and they’ll call your name when you’re ready. I always look for napkins at the front before I remember they have a roll of paper towels on each table, as they should. The place is cozy and unpretentious.

Adam had a pulled chicken sandwich with a side of jumbo beef beef ribs. He asked for (and paid for) one beef rib, but found two on his plate made no complaints. I ordered a brisket sandwich (my favorite Texas-style barbecue, although I usually eat it as a platter, not a sandwich)and I added a side of baked beans. I was kicking myself when I noticed that they were offering their Seasonal Chili, but only after I had placed my order.

We were both pleased with our food. The smells of the place made me so hungry that I took a big bite before Adam reminded me to take a picture:

My only hesitation is on price. Barbeque is slow and expensive to prepare. Buz & Ned’s is reasonably priced relative to other BBQ joints, but a bit higher than lunch at your typical sandwich place. It’s a minor complaint though (really minor: Adam paid!). Buz & Ned’s is a classic barbeque experience.

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