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Habanero Mexican Grill [58]

by samichez on December 15th, 2011

I’ve been to Texas just once. On that trip I hit a steak house, BBQ joint and a Mexican restaurant. Considering the immense size of the state, that is an incredibly small sample size. The steak and BBQ were good, but not great and the Mexican meal was out of this world. A life altering moment. Shaming all of the Southwestern cuisine that had come before it. My counterpart lived in this lone star state of food heaven for three years.

I imagine coming back to Richmond was like a Mexican Hades for him. Where I had only tasted possibility, he had lived among the taco Gods. The cuisine may have looked authentic enough, but it tasted of ash. Accordingly we have both been on the hunt for something that evoked those taste of greatness.

Through fifty two plus weeks we had not found our River City El Dorado. Until this week that is. Habanero Mexican Grill is a hole in the wall restaurant that sprung up in a West End strip mall two years ago. It flew mostly under the radar for us, until a friend and a family member separately recommended it. From the outside it is unassuming. The interior is equally parts small and utilitarian. It exists for no purpose, but to serve up super tasty food.

We had a mirror image order, a bit of a rarity for us. Three tacos: lengua (beef tongue), carnitas (fried pork) and carne asada (steak). Paired with Mexican Coca Cola and topped off with limes. The price was reasonable, the staff was friendly and it was nice enough outside to sit on the patio. Oh and the food was the most authentic Mexican food either of us has ever had in Richmond. Our tacos were spicy, but for flavors sake, not heat. The meats (all three of them) were well seasoned and juicy. And the Coke was the kicker that made a near perfect meal. Well played Habanero, well played.

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