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The Halligan Bar and Grill [59]

by Ethan on January 3rd, 2012

It’s a little weird when the first minute of conversation with a server is her telling you how you should really check out their other location. So it was at Halligan Bar and Grill this day (which was actually last year! Happy 2012 from 52 Lunches). Adam and I met his brother Gabriel at the new location for Halligan in West Broad Village.

Halligan is a firehouse-themed barbeque place. The enthusiastic and friendly staff wear off-duty foreman outfits. You can picture it: blue t-shirts and red suspenders. The menu is (of course) filled with fire-themed items. There’s a poster for Backdraft on the wall. Oh, and there’s a full-size fire truck in the middle of the space, which is good because otherwise it would seem cavernous.

I ordered and fell in love with the Federal Q, a smoked pork tenderloin, bacon, and jalapeno jack cheese sandwich. Adam and Gabriel each had a Halligan Bar-B-Q Platter. Beans on the side for me and Adam. Raves all around. Once again, going barbeque means committing to paying more than the typical “West End Lunch for $10”. But it’s usually worth it and was here. We’ve been hitting barbecue a lot lately and this one, like the others, should be a destination for you. If you spend extra to sit in the fire truck, let us know how it goes.

Lunch topics: Everyone’s family is psychotic, Skyrim, Football (professional), Football (fantastical), Football (miniature), being the better person

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