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King of Szechuan [62]

by samichez on January 23rd, 2012

On occasion we are encouraged by friends (Chuck) to purposely try bad restaurants. The assumption being that we would eat gross food, get bad service and then write a hilarious review of our awful experience. We’ve never done so because that is not the intent of this blog, project or bloject.  What we endeavor to do is try new places. To not get stuck in the routine of grabbing lunch at 5 Star three days a week. While that sounds tasty, but we seek out variety.

In that search for variety we are often guided by the divining rod of recommendations. If it is good enough for friends and family, it is usually good enough for us. Last week we were guided to the King of Szechuan. A restaurant we attempted to give the 52L treatment to back in November. It was a weekday and lunch time, but inexplicably closed. An oddity for sure, but nothing that would dissuade us.

On the day we went back, we called ahead to make sure was open and then met Chuck and Gabriel there. The first flag that went up when we walked in was that it was empty. The second was  the low quality decor. Everything looked used, but not just used, also dirty. Nothing that sent us running out of the restaurant, especially if the food was good. So we soldier on. Ordering lunch $6.95 lunch entrees all around. Soup and rice based dish for that price was a steal.

Flag three was the soup. Three hot and sours and a lone egg drop. No one was happy with their choice. The hot and sour was thick, bland and lukewarm. The egg drop was all that and left Chuck feeling sick. Then came the main course. A rogues’ gallery of Americanized Chinese food. Mongolian beef (Adam), Kung Pao chicken (Ethan), Szechuan beef (Gabriel) and  General Tso chicken (Chuck). Dishes that were sweet were overly sweet. Dishes that were savory were heavily salted. Not a one of us was happy with the lunch we received. No bueno! Save yourself time and dollars. Go somewhere else.

Lunch topics: Skyrim vs Oblivion, cheating in school, Burning Wheel, D&D 4e & 5E, Mouse Guard RPG, Prophet, The Cape Mini Series, tabletop role playing vs. tactical combat

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  1. I’d try to give it another shot sometime and do the hot pot. I’ve been there a few times for hot pot. The broth is flavorful and spicy and you can make it as expensive or as inexpensive as you like.

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