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Kebab & Biryani [65]

by Ethan on February 19th, 2012

West Broad Village, once you stray from sight of Broad Street, is a tough spot for a business. Started in the mid-decade boom, the development hasn’t reached full occupancy in the time we’ve been paying attention. Businesses within sight of Broad (REI, Whole Foods, Kona Grill) seem to do all right, but once you drive to the secondary streets (as we have on occasion) the vibe becomes different. The facade is that of a developed urban commercial area but it feels more like an after-hours movie set. Or Richmond’s financial district on a Saturday.

When we parked in front of Kebab & Biryani, the mirrored windows left us unsure if it was even open. It was, but we were also the only customers. (Two other diners arrived shortly). And the setup is a bit strange. You order at the front, and the cashier is able to provide limited guidance. A sign informs you that drinks, silverware, and plates are all self-service. It might have made more sense if the place was bustling and busy. We’re not strangers to walk-up dining, but the interior was nicer than that, so our expectation-o-meters were thrown off. As we sat down and waited, we wondered if the food would also reflect this off-putting lack of apparent direction.

The food was very good. We had asked the cashier what was good and she indicated two popular entrees, Mughlai Chicken Curry (Adam) and Chicken Tiki Masala (me). Both were part of a reasonable lunch special that included seasoned rice, buttered naan, and appetizer of the day (this day a spicy chicken dish… I didn’t catch the name). It also came with a surprisingly delicious desert, and egg cup filled with warm Carrot Halwa. We enjoyed all of our food, and once again we were surprised at the quality and value for the lunch special.

We are hopeful but not optimistic for Kebab and Biryani. The food was good but with zero foot traffic or drive-by traffic, it will be hard to generate the business it needs. It’s strange to say that anything is “off the beaten path” in Short Pump, but this is. If you enjoy good Indian food, it’s worth finding. It could use your support.

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