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Vietnam Garden [66]

by samichez on February 27th, 2012

This week we hit yet another Vietnamese spot. In what has now become a quest of sorts, we are bound to try every broken rice variation in Richmond. That wiki link is getting some heavy use around these parts. This one too, but I digress. With stiff competition in our wake, we made our way to Vietnam Garden.

In what feels like a game of pan Asian musical chairs. Vietnam Garden used to occupy the space that King of Szechuan now calls home. VG moved into a location that used to be a Chinese restaurant my family frequented. They renovated it pretty heavily and it is now a pleasant bamboo themed eatery. Inviting and spacious, but not empty.

On to the food. Ethan had the Heo Xào Hành (Spicy Pork and Onion). A dish of sliced pork, onions and green pepper, bathed in a delicious spicy sauce. I had the Cơm Tấm Tứ Vị or the Four Delights Broken Rice. In this case the delights consisted of shrimp, beef, chicken and pork. Both dishes were seasoned to near perfection, priced reasonably and offered tender proteins. Thumbs up all around. Nothing that made it stand out against said prior competition, but you could not go wrong with a visit to Vietnam Garden.

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