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Zorba’s [63]

by Ethan on February 2nd, 2012

The title of this entry was supposed to be “Zorba’s [14]”.

We’re both fans of Greek food and Zorba’s was already a favorite of mine. In the early months of this never-repeat game, we were able to pick from restaurants we already knew and liked. Week 14 was my choice and I was all set to pick Zorba’s, a family-owned Greek restaurant in the same shopping center as 5 Star, but with a full menu and more of a sit-down experience.

Unfortunately, an early-morning 3-alarm fire a year ago forced us elsewhere. Rebuilding started pretty quickly, but seemed to be taking longer than anticipated. I called a few weeks ago and was greeted by a voice message saying that they would be reopening “in October”. They didn’t make that deadline, but have now reopened. They made good use of their time.

The interior was gutted and reconfigured to improve and maximize space. It looks like they have doubled their number of tables, yet it now feels more spacious. The decor is dark wood with a wall of wine bottles in the back. The new interior is a big improvement. It feels more like a cozy dinner place. Adam likened the feel to Firebirds, which is a compliment.

Adam ordered the Chicken Kababs on Rice and I had their famous Meat Loaf with Garlic Mashed Potatoes. (I try to go for signature dishes for these visits and meatloaf might not be as Greek as some other choices, but Zorba’s was known for it). It might have been my imagination, but the portion sizes seemed smaller than before. If so they’ve been down-sized to “just right”. In the past I have finished the meatloaf and regretted it (even if it was delicious). Today it was just the right amount, and Adam’s kebabs were similarly sized.

The restaurant was comfortably full and service was prompt. We’re glad to see it back and better than ever.

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