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Pho City [67] (closed)

by Ethan on March 8th, 2012

Pho City is easy to get to but not so easy to find, located interior to the same shopping center with the West Tower Cinema and 52L favorite Gelati Celesti. You can’t see it from Broad and we only knew about it from taking our families for ice cream. One day I popped my head in to grab a menu and was impressed with the clean decor and enticing smells. Knowing that we can always find time for good Vietnamese, I knew it would be in our rotation soon.

Regular readers know that Adam and I are big fans of Broken Rice dishes. It’s a favorite and a typical litmus test for us when we try new Vietnamese. But this week Adam was under the weather with a head cold, so he substituted phở bò (Pho with beef) while I stuck with Cơm tấmm Thịt Nướng (broken rice with grilled pork). We both started with Chả giò (crispy spring roll) which was crazy hot. And it was all good. Adam was still talking about his Pho an hour later, being just what he needed for his continued recovery. My broken rice was great, too. Pho City handled these staples with ease.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it! Michael, the owner, has become a friend of ours and we appreciate the good food and sometimes weird music he plays. We’re there at least once a week. If you see a 5 year old blond girl sitting at the cash register, say hi to my daughter, Ayn.

    Now if only the Riyadh Moroccan Grill would open up next door. Supposedly the owner is in the process of opening another restaurant and put this one on hold. Last I heard, his January opening date got pushed to early March, which is quickly passing us by.

  2. Ethan permalink

    Tripp, that’s great to know. I’ll keep an eye out if/when we go back. It was certainly good enough to go back!

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