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Tokyo Not Your Average Joe [69]

by Ethan on March 27th, 2012

We’re both fans of Western-style sushi and have sampled a few places over the past year and a half. In fact, our first lunch in our pre-blog days was to a local favorite. We’ve had some hits and misses but nothing has approached Adam’s favorite, Sticky Rice. (52L will get there someday). This week we were lucky to try a new place, Tokyo Not Your Average Joe. Lucky, indeed.

We learned a long time ago to be careful about judging a restuarant at lunchtime by how full it is. Sometimes it’s for a reason, but often it’s just that the West End professionals don’t stray far for their meal break. So we didn’t think anything of it that TokyoNYAJoe was empty. What we do notice is when an empty place serves fantastic food. You can probably see where this review is going.

This is our new favorite West End sushi place. Before we ordered, the server brought a complimentary Sweet Potato Roll appetizer which was very good. Adam ordered a New York Roll (Spicy crab and cucumber topped with fresh tuna and avocado) and I selected a Starburst Roll (tuna, salmon and avocado crispy fried with sauce). It was tough for both of us to choose because there were so many appealing options. We also enjoyed the playfulness of the menu. For example: the “Viagra and Cialis Rolled into One”, an oyster tempura roll with very small print reading, “eat at own risk, not responsible for after effects”). Looking forward to the comment spam on this entry.

We couldn’t try everything, but what we had was beautiful and delicious. Superior presentation with flavors to match. Adam mentioned at the end that TNYAJ was easily in the same league as Sticky Rice and we’d have to be back soon.

Lunch Topics: The many disappointments of Mass Effect 3.

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