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King Chicken Drive In [72]

by samichez on April 20th, 2012

Last week was a short work week for us. North Carolina sung its siren song Thursday, bidding six of us down to Cycle NC. A long weekend of cycling, camping and an opportunity to visit King Chicken. The King has been a topic of conversation surrounding Cycle NC for a while now.

We arrived Thursday and it was the first place we hit in town. From the outside it is the epitome of the word unassuming. Flanked by an old and cracked parking lot, the brick building it resides in is from another era. You could drive past it 100 times and never once think to stop in. In fact Ethan and company did just that the year they discovered it. The only tell for them then were the constant flow of customers in the lot. If that many people are going there, they must be doing something right and they are.

Over the course of four days in Washington we ate two breakfasts and one lunch at the King. Every meal tastier than the last. Be it hangover cure or the energy we needed to total 150 miles on our bikes, the food treated us right. The options were plentiful and super tasty. Having tasted the variety and found his niche Ethan went with an egg, cheese and country fried steak combo that absolutely killed it every time. For me it was more journey of discovery.

Day one was fried chicken pulled from the bone and then combined with lettuce, tomato and mayo on a bun. It was amazing and then I watched as others in our party got their “sandwiches”. Three pieces of bone in fried chicken on a bun. Not really a sandwich per se, but the bun served as a tasty wrapper for their protein. Day two was an early pre-ride breakfast. Cheese baked right into a crumbly biscuit and fried chicken sandwiched in between. Throw an unnecessary and filling cinnamon bun in the mix and I was stuffed. Yum. Our final meal was breakfast on our last day. Following Ethan’s wisdom I partook in the egg and country fried steak combo. All on the same cheese/biscuit combo. The tastiest dish yet. Heaven. Arguably the best breakfast sandwich I have ever eaten.

Lunch topics: What happens at CNC stays at CNC.

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