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Mediterranean Bakery [75]

by Ethan on May 14th, 2012

Last week’s trip reminded us of another grocery/cafe that we’ve been meaning to get to. Mediterranean Bakery is a Middle Eastern grocer and eatery. Brightly lit and bustling, the dining experience order and the counter and retreat with your food to nearby tables nestled in the grocery aisles. There are a lot of choices and we had to narrow our scope for this lunch. For example, there’s a whole rack of baked deserts that we didn’t get a chance to try this day.

Mediterranean Bakery offers several combos and we both ordered #3 because it seemed to be the most efficient way to get kibbeh (spelled “kibbie” on their menu). Prior to last year’s Lebanese Food Festival, I had never tried kibbeh, a baked Middle Eastern dish made of burghul (a wheat cereal), minced onions and ground red meat. Kibbeh was a surprise and a delight for me last year and the LFF and I was excited to have it again this day. We both supplemented our combos with a fatayer (stuffed pastry), Spinach and Feta for Adam, Ground Beef for me. We probably shouldn’t have, because we left the counter with very heavy plates and didn’t finish our food.

I’d like to say we didn’t finish our plates because they were so laden that we left stuffed, but the truth is we were disappointed. MedBake isn’t a new place for either of us, and our expectations weren’t met by reality. The mujadara (lentils with grains and onions) and stuffed grape leaves were fine. The taziki had good flavor but seemed an odd pairing to me. It was the headliners that didn’t thrill me. The kibbeh was drier than I would have hoped and the fatayer seemed to a little old. I was expecting a hot and rigid pastry, and instead received a room temperature pie with spongy dough.

This was a tough review for us because we’ve been pleased with MedBake in the past. I was left with the impression that timing is everything and fresher food would have been so much better. Sad that a place like this can be hit-or-miss and it happened to miss this day.

Lunch topics: Grading Mass Effect 3 on story vs gameplay, work, Witcher 2 and idiots talking about fantasy tropes, Trials EVO, the Lebanese Food Festival, neighbors

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  1. Grant permalink

    Bummer. That’s definitely true re: the pies. They get tough in a hurry if they’ve been sitting for more than a few minutes.

    Next time you drop in there, consider asking if they have any of their moussaka. Palestinian style doesn’t have a bechamel top layer or meat, but honestly, I think it buries the Greek version. They don’t have it very often, but paired with some of their basmati– supha tasty.

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