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Hanami Sushi [80]

by samichez on June 29th, 2012

After an unplanned sushi layoff since the Fall of 2011 we got back on the raw fish saddle (gross) this Spring. Hitting Tokyo Joe and Miso in rapid-ish succession. Rounding out this run we ventured to Hanami Sushi this past week.

Located in husk of the now dearly departed Rascals. My fear was that Hanami might suffer the same interior woes it’s predecessor did. Thankfully that was not the case. Sporting pleasant lighting, ample seating and tasteful decor, it looked like the polar opposite of the previous resident. The center piece was the sushi bar that came equipped with a sushi chef (surprise!). Who was diligently working away at the lunch orders.

We put in ours (orders) and chatted till the meals arrived. A Chesapeake Box for Ethan came loaded with a Chesapeake roll (tuna, avocado, cream cheese), spicy salmon roll, orange slices, ginger dressed salad and a miso soup starter. I ordered the Sushi Box. A chef’s choice of five nigirizushi and all of the fixings that adorned Ethan’s lunch. I usually get makizushi, so it was nice to taste something different, but it was not world changing. Nothing really stood out with our food. We were pleased with our meals and generally like the taste of everything on offer, but something was missing.

Dining so recently at two other local sushi restaurants it is very hard to not draw comparisons. Tokyo Joe knocked our socks off. Great food and service on par with one of my favorite places to eat (and drink).  Miso was underwhelming, getting close to good, but not quiet knocking it out of the park. Hanami falls somewhere in between. It’s good enough, but far from great. It is a quick drive from Innsbrook and sad to say any return trip I’d make would be on that quality alone.

Lunch topics: Falling Skies, D&D Next vs 4e, Ender’s Game, Reality TV’s devastating impact on TV, Microsoft Surface, The Walking Dead game

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