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Rose Marie Inn [78]

by samichez on June 6th, 2012

Hole in the wall restaurants that have been around forever get that way for a reason. They are good. They stand the test of time with friendly service and tasty eats. The Rose Marie Inn is just that. Located on West End portion of Patterson Ave since 1959, it sports the kind of history most places dream of. Last week we got to reap the rewards of its storied past.

You could easily miss Rose Marie Inn zipping down the road. The signage is low to the ground and nothing really stands out from the exterior. The interior is like walking into a time machine though. Formica table tops and a bar/diner atmosphere that felt foreign when compared to the fast casual landscape of western Henrico. It was comforting. In addition, the service was friendly and prompt. We seated ourselves and awaited the true test. Food.

The menu is standard diner fare. It was nice to see the sailor on offer. A sandwich we love dearly and makes for a great point of comparison. Ethan ordered it and was pleased with the flavor and texture. The Rose Marie website proclaims “BEST CHEESEBURGERS IN TOWN!”. Right on the front page and it all caps no less. That seemed like a lofty claim. So I took them up on it. Ordering the bacon burger with fries. They weren’t too far off the mark. The burger was cooked to a nearly perfect medium as requested. All things non-meat (lettuce, ketchup, etc) served to compliment, not mask. It was a good burger, not the best in town, but one of the best.

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