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Burger Bach [82]

by samichez on July 18th, 2012

Trips to the Fan are always a haul for us, working in the West End as we do. Burger Bach was getting the kind of buzz that warranted a pilgrimage in to the city though. So last week we stopped in to this new eatery located at Elwood and Thompson. The weather was nice enough that we sat out on the deck, but the interior looked pleasant enough for the minute we stepped into it. We were set back far enough off the road that the traffic zipping by on Thompson was ignorable and breeze + food is always nice.

The menu offered up variety and a gourmet burger feel. We both settled in on Mexican Cokes, a 52L favorite, when we can get it. Fries were up next. We shared a large order with a side of BBQ sauce and a garlic aioli. They were hot and crispy. The BBQ hit the spot, but we both agreed that the aioli was just a hair too garlicy. For burgers Ethan went with the Original, a traditional burger topped with bacon. I picked the North Lamb, a patty of lamb topped with tzatziki sauce and the same garlic aioli that came on the fries. In this case the aioli blended with rest of the toppings was the perfect mix of flavors. Thumbs up for both of our burgers and the mixed salad that came with them.

The flavors were very reminiscent of Burger Works, but the location and atmosphere of Burger Bach put it a cut above most burger joints in Richmond. You will pay for that quality though, to date this was the most expensive lunch spot we have reviewed. Nothing that broke the bank, but something to keep in mind if you taking out the whole family.

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