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Home Team Grill [83]

by Ethan on July 25th, 2012

Why is “the weather” a common conversational topic? Because it’s something everyone can discuss; it’s a subject that’s not too personal which makes it perfect for chit-chat with someone you don’t know very well. American sports bars are the restaurant equivalent. They follow a tried-and-true formula: a familiar menu with everyone’s favorites, TVs to watch during conversational lulls, and all the domestic macrobrews you could want. They are the lowest common demoninator, but we don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s handy to have a place to go with a group where you know no one will be unhappy.

Downtown and in the West End, Home Team Grill is one of these places. This day we were joined by a new work associate visting from Raleigh, Vin. Located near work (for us) it’s an easy choice when we need a bite in a hurry. The service is snappy and friendly and the long menu has something for everyone, featuring familiar dishes rebranded in a sports theme.

Adam ordered a steak salad, I had a .406 Club, and Vin ordered the fish tacos. We also shared a plate of onion rings. The steak in Adam’s salad was medium (as ordered), juicy and tender, and not so hot that it wilted the lettuce. Vin was enthusistic about his tacos. I had no complaints about the club sandwich, but I didn’t find it exceptional. That’s more or less what a club is, though: a low-risk menu item, which fits HTG as a whole.

Overall, Home Team Grill performed as expected. An easy meal served quickly by a friendly face. We don’t get to American Sports Bars very often for lunch… we like to stretch ourselves food-wise and the availabily of beer is a lost benefit for the work lunch crowd. But for an easy meal, it gets the job done.

Lunch Topics: cricket, data mining in gaming companies, Valve’s economist, swimming lessons, Raliegh, NC

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