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Dickey’s Barbecue Pit [86]

by samichez on August 22nd, 2012

Dickey’s Barbecue is new to the Richmond area. Cropping up under our noses in the West End and in the Southside. It is hard to tell these days if fast casual joints are franchise or not. A quick trip to their site reveals the vast reach of Dickey’s Pits though. They are everywhere and only recently graced our city with tasty and quick barbecue.

The interior is a modern spin on the mom and pop rib joint. Giant cans of beans and black and white photos line the walls as you enter, but the branding message is just as strong. Their big yellow cups are everywhere and free for you to take home as well. The one you drink at least, if you want to go noodling in the garbage for a full set, that is on you. There are free pickles and ice cream too, which is a nice bonus if you have room.

Ordering is simple, or should be. Both Ethan and repeat 52L guest Meg, stepped up to the “meat” guy, then the “sides” gal and on to the register. While trying to shout my meat order to the register, meat guy moved on the lady behind me. Fumbling the works all kinds of up. Sides were ordered, food was paid for and I was left standing there wondering how to get meat guy to get me my meats. A bit frustrated and confused the lady at the register assured me she would take care of it and she did (pretty quickly too).

When all the food did arrive we chowed down while catching up. Meg snagged a pulled pork Little Hoagie, which was supposed to come “dressed”, but instead came with just meat and bread. She did enjoy it though with a bit of barbecue sauce. Ethan and I both had variations of the two meat plate. Two meats naturally, two sides and buttery roll. Ethan’s plate consisted of St. Louis style ribs, pulled pork (he ordered the beef brisket, another fumble), jalapeno beans and fried onion tanglers. A mountain of food, he was most complimentary of the ribs and beans, but was generally pleased with everything. My plate was piled high with chopped beef brisket, pulled pork, barbecue beans and more tanglers. All of which were good eats.

Dickey’s offers three types of barbecue sauce (sweet, spicy and “Dickey’s Original”), missing was the vinegar based sauce I crave oh so much. That is not for everyone though, so it is hard to hold it against them. The proteins were good and the sides where tasty, but not enough so to crack the hall of fame. Kids eat for free on Sundays though and if they get the order right they are really quick. Perfect for a family trip.

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