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Continental Westhampton [87]

by Ethan on September 5th, 2012

Grove Avenue’s Continental Westhampton is located near the intersection of Libbie and Grove, the CW is a fair piece away from our standard Short Pump region, but worth the trip. There’s ample outdoor seating if that’s your thing, but this day we chose a booth in the back of the pleasantly appointed interior which is an appealing mixture of modern and retro. A peek at their menu will give you a hint of what to expect.

We both were impressed with the burger offerings and selected from that neighborhood of the menu. I love a good Cuban, so I went with the Cuba Libre (beef patty, pork, ham, Swiss, mustard, hold the pickle for me) and Adam the Home Run (beef patty, sliced brisket, poblano barbeque, pepperjack cheese). We both ordered them “with pink” (i.e., Medium) and asked for French Fries and Sweet Potato Fries on the side.

The beef patty on my Cuba Libre was dry and not at all pink, but was completely saved by the other parts of the Cuban: the pork & ham added the needed moisture and the Swiss was melted perfectly. Adam had better luck with his Home Run. His beef patty was pink but the brisket made the burger. “Really tasty”, said he. French fries are rarely the headliner and that’s a good thing, because CW’s were merely okay. Same with the coffee.

With fair-to-middling fries and coffee and one burger not delivered as ordered, you might think this review is leaning negative. Not so. The whole packages of our sandwiches were excellent. And the atmosphere was fun. We’d like to return with our families, perhaps when it’s not a work lunch and test the offerings at the bar.

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  1. Michelle permalink

    We had a similar experience- it’s very hit or miss there still. The menu is so exciting, it’s a shame that the kitchen is inconsistent… but try the dirty chips, the girls will LOVE them. Joe and I do…

  2. Grant permalink

    Hit and miss is very true. Like 52L, I’d call the fries a miss. Also, the kale caesar salad is a cool idea, but the kale is a bit too tough in place of romaine.

    Strong seconding the dirty chips recommendation here. It is a delicious and huge portion.

    Also, almost every time I go there I end up with the three chopt salad. It is absolutely killer, and I’m not the kind of person who always orders salads at restaurants, either– bacon, avocados, homemade blue cheese dressing, red onions, loads of other veggies, and a slice of jalapeno cornbread. Serious business, and even friendly to the slow carb dieters among us (if you avoid the cornbread, but seriously get it to-go and give it to someone you love [or at least begrudgingly respect]).

  3. Ethan permalink

    Thanks for the suggestions on chips and salad. They both sound great.

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