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Saladworks [92]

by samichez on October 23rd, 2012

The day we showed up to give Genghis Grill a shot, we discovered their next door neighbors, Saladworks. We chalked it up on our to-do list and went about our way. This past week we returned to give them their own shot at 52L glory.

Located in the fast developing shopping center across Short Pump Town Center. Saladworks shares space with a number of restaurants. Olive Garden (BARF!), the new location of Q Barbeque (two thumbs up) and the previously mentioned Mongolian conqueror. From the outside, Saladworks is probably the least notable of the set. Looking more like a GNC than a restaurant. The interior however offered a clean and modern aesthetic I really liked. Serving up meals on no fuss white plates that really let the color pallet of the food pop.

Ethan ordered the “Bently“, their take on a chef salad. Ham, turkey and eggs on a bed of greens. I picked up the Buffalo Bleu. Spiced and sauced chicken, bleu cheese and tortilla strips also on said greens. What we got was not bad, but left me wanting. It felt a step above a salad I could make at any salad bar (Note: I’m a crappy salad maker). It fell short of places I consider to have an OK salad (e.g. Panera or Café Caturra). Not a good sign if your whole establishment stands on a foundation of lettuce. As mentioned it was not bad, but given the lack of options it was not a place I would take a crowd. Nor return to on my own accord.

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