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Tokyo Sushi [93]

by Ethan on October 30th, 2012

We hadn’t had sushi for a while and we were both looking for a lighter meal than we’ve had lately, so we decided to check out the very well rated Tokyo Sushiin Glen Allen. Adam ordered Sushi Combo and I ordered the Lunch Special, two rolls: Spicy crunchy salmon and Spicy Crunchy White Tuna. Both of us were served a salad and miso soup to start, which were fine but forgettable. We both know better than to dunk our seiyō wasabi into soy sauce, but can’t help it. Our American taste buds are trained to expect that combination of salty and hot. At this point, if you’re a true connoisseur of sushi, you can stop reading. We can’t blame you.

So, if we’re masking the taste of the components with these strong flavors, what makes a sushi entree stand out? We’ve certainly had great sushi. It comes down to presentation and the unexpected. And, then we go ahead and order something bland off the lunch menu. Not a fair evaluation, we know.

So how was the meal? It was… fine. We’ve had worse and we’ve had better. The staff was attentive and met our expectations. the traditional decor and mandolin music in the background just reinforced the feeling that the restaurant was playing it safe, all the way. We weren’t disappointed, but we also weren’t enticed to come back. It’s a little thing, but Tokyo Sushi could take a cue from competitors, who greet visitors with photos of outlandish and interesting-looking dishes. If we found ourselves nearby at lunchtime, I imagine we’d try Tokyo Sushi again. But we can’t imagine going out of our way to do so. It just didn’t leave an impact.

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