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Vietnam 1 [91]

by Ethan on October 12th, 2012

One fun thing about co-writing this blog is that it gives us (is it just me?) a chance to talk other people about their favorite places to eat. At my cousin’s birthday party, new friend Kara and I were talking about all the great Vietnamese places in the West End, and I had never heard of her favorite: Vietnam 1. (Adam was familiar, but either had never been or it had been a long time).

After arriving at Yet Another Nondescript Strip Mall (not its real name), we stepped into a bustling, well-lit restaurant. The room was mostly full and lively, with the busy waitstaff moving quickly about. I was a bit under the weather this day, so I ordered Pho with Beef Round and Flank (Vietnamese noodle soup while Adam requested the 52L yardstick for good Vietnamese: Broken Rice House Combo (broken rice with beef, chicken, and shrimp). As an afterthought, Adam ordered an egg roll as a starter and I did the same. Good thing, too.

My pho was very good, most notably for its very fresh mix-ins of bean sprouts, jalapeno, and basil. Adam deemed the broken rice to be on par with other good broken rice have had, calling it tasty. But the real surprise was the egg roll. So often a forgettable filler, the egg roll at Vietnam 1 was the highlight of the meal. Hot and flaky, a real treat.

Like the egg roll, Vietnam 1 was a nice surprise. Vietnamese cuisine is well-travelled for us and we’ve had the best the Richmond has to offer. It was great to find a new place that compares so favorably.

Lunch topics: Comics and lots of games: Lookouts, Batman,
Borderlands 2, FTL, Black mesa, Kingdom rush, D&D Next, and Busch Gardens

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