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Which Wich [90]

by samichez on October 2nd, 2012

Sub places don’t jibe, per se with our self-imposed semi-4HB lifestyles. They have not been well represented by us to date. As our willpower and the Richmond lunch scene slowly dwindle away however, we will probably eat more submarines. It is simple lunch math, people.

As an olive branch to the carb community, Which Wich was on order this past week. An old franchise, but new to the West End. The concept is straight forward. Pick a sub, represented by a corresponding numbered bag. Customize said sub with a marker. E.g. extra meat, no lettuce, cut the cheese into dodecahedrons, etc. Then hand off your bag and wait only moments for a sandwich fairy to make the intangible a reality.

Ethan had a club with double meat, toasted and enjoyed the crispy bacon. I on the other hand had a turkey, ham and bacon sub. I unknowingly made club variation, I guess. This stuff is still new to me. We both combo’ed with jalapeno chips and a drink. The bread was perfectly toasted, which made it the ideal vehicle for meat and fixin’ delivery. Things that are hard to get wrong, because meat is meat, but bread is king. We will be back.

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