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Shackleford’s [95] (closed)

by Ethan on November 30th, 2012

Some time ago I ran across an Urbanspoon entry that called Little Venice a great & (comparatively) affordable lunch spot. I have enjoyed Little Venice a few times as a (not that) affordable dinner destination, so put it down on our List of restaurants to visit. Yes, there is a list. No, you can’t see it. On November 7th, Adam chose it as our destination that week and we arrived at a very closed-for-lunch Italian restaurant. Bloggers gotta eat, so we went two doors down to Shackleford’s, which was also on The List.

Why hadn’t we been there before? Not sure. Adam’s not a huge fan, but my family had been there many times. We always found it to be a comfortable, family-friendly place that we could go to without getting that fingernails-on-a chalkboard feel that you get so easily at other “family friendly” restaurants. Too often, “family friendly” roughly translates to “your kids can make a ruckus but no one will care because everyone’s doing it and hey you’re not prone to headaches are you?” Not so at Shackleford’s, where the adults could enjoy a beverage and the food was always good.

This day, we were two of the four people there but we get that a lot if we stray far from Broad Street. Adam had a Reuben with fries and I ordered a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. Adam’s fries were just okay, the lower-end of standard bar & grille fries, but his Reuben was cooked perfectly. My salad was of similar very good quality with real grilled chicken (not microwaved) and the salad came with a Parmesan crisp that was tangy and delicious. And the vibe just felt right. Shackleford’s felt like an old friend, one that didn’t have to make a show and you could just pass time with. Comfortable with itself, and made you feel comfortable, too. I knew my family at least would be back soon.

Alas, no.

The current owners of Shackleford’s Restaurant & Raw Bar were unable to sell the business at this time. Therefore, we have closed operations as of 11/13/12.

A possibility exists where new ownership may purchase the business in the immediate future and reopen the restaurant.

To reiterate our sentiments, we would like to personally thank the countless patrons for your support since 1993. WOW! Almost 20 years. Your loyalty was greatly appreciated, and you will be missed by everyone involved in this business.

We especially want to thank the staff and vendors for their efforts that contributed so much to our success. We have been blessed. It was a great ride.

Turns out it had been up for sale for months and had finally closed after not getting any takers. Adam and I talked about whether to proceed with a review. It’s tough to recommend a place that doesn’t exist anymore. In the end we decided to write this goodbye. We enjoyed it. Thanks for being a welcoming spot.

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