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Tony’s Italian [94]

by samichez on November 20th, 2012

Tony’s has been a staple of not just the Innsbrook lunch crowd, but very specifically the company we work for, for ages. It is conveniently located just across from the West End office park and offers up quick meals for those on a tight schedule. Last week we went to Tony’s out of an obligation to this blog. We have both been there collectively more times than we can count, but had yet to review it. We don’t write about foregone conclusions though.

The interior of Tony’s is far from formal and feels very inviting. Seat yourself and the wait staff is there in seconds to greet you and get drink orders. The menu is standard pizza shop Italian fare. Subs, salads, pasta and slices. Most all of it is good and priced around the standard West End lunch (i.e. $10 per). The food is made to order and comes out fast, giving us time back for short lunch breaks or for trips for coffee post meal.

Ethan had the steak roll. A calzone filled, as you might have guessed, with steak. In his words “Addictive as usual…too large for one person to finish, but I tried, against my better judgement”. I went with the Greek salad with grilled chicken. A dish that crushes most every salad in the West End. Romaine lettuce (the king of lettuces) piled high under loads of juicy grilled chicken. Tony’s is not only close and quick, but they consistently serve up tasty, large portioned meals for a great price. Why we don’t go there more frequently is a question I am left asking myself after every trip.

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