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Alexander’s BBQ [98]

by samichez on December 17th, 2012

Tucked into a shopping center just a hop, skip and a jump from West Creek is Alexander’s BBQ. Some how its presence eluded us prior to kicking off this blog. Even though it was founded two decades ago. That is what is great about all this, we get to discover the new. Good, bad or otherwise, we try new stuff.

Located on the corner of a bricked and slightly easy to miss building, Alexander’s is of another era. The interior feels much like that of Rose Marie Inn (also on Patterson), just enough well used furniture to serve food. That is not a bad thing though, Alexander’s evokes memories of small town diners and mostly just feels welcoming.

That other era evocation spell cuts both ways though. Hung prominently on the walls are awards for bestest best BBQ in Richmond. The most recent of which is from 2001, a year in which BBQ was not on the map in Richmond. Barbeque has since bubbled up in our river city, offering a variety and quality unknown in the early aughts.

Ethan had a half rack of ribs and baked beans. The ribs were cooked well (moist and falling off the bone), but were overpowered by their sauce. They weren’t bad, he described them as “decent” in fact, but decent doesn’t win the hearts of the people. I had the BBQ dinner, chopped pork, slaw and baked beans. The pork was dry and necessitated the use of the slaw (which was very good) to moisten it. We both had the beans and were underwhelmed by them.

We were not underwhelmed by Alexander’s on the whole. We like the causal, southern hospitality feel they have on offer. The food is only good enough though and has been bested by those that would challenge and conquer the old guard. Barbeque has changed in Richmond and for better or worse Alexander’s seems to have held their ground. It is worth a visit if you are in the area, but don’t go out of your way to do so.

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