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El Paso Mexican Restaurant [103]

by Ethan on January 28th, 2013

carnitasWith the new year, 52L has taken the shocking step of resolving to eat and live better. For both of us, this means regular exercise, and for Adam it means a re-dedication to 4HB, which worked so well for both of us in 2011. And one thing we learned then was the Mexican was a great cuisine for that, where it’s surprisingly easy to eat slow-carb if you decline the tortillas, chips, and rice. And unlike our unfair forays into pizza joints, you can judge a Mexican place without those fillers. This day we returned to El Paso Mexican Restaurant . Don’t worry, this isn’t the end of the game… we ate here as a “bonus lunch” a few weeks ago with good friend Meg and returned now to review it properly.

Adam ordered the Carne Ranchera (Steak covered with ranchero sauce) and I ordered my newest favorite, Carnitas (roast pork) with refried beans and guacamole salad. I weakly nibbled on chips while we waited, but as is typical for Mexican restaurants, we didn’t have to wait for long.

carne rancheroThe meal was very good for both of us. In the strata of sit down, casual Mexican Restaurants, El Paso edges out and replaces our former favorite for a quick meal, Rico’s. Both are good, but El Paso wins out slightly on food, slightly on decor, and slightly on general comfort. The restaurant felt homey and was better decorated than its nearby competition. Our only complaint was the the music was too loud, and if I really wanted to nitpick, the staff was attentive but not overly friendly. Not unfriendly, just… coldly efficient maybe? It may have been my imagination. We enjoyed El Paso enough a few weeks ago to return quickly, and I’d expect that to continue.

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