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Moe’s Mexican Grill [101]

by Ethan on January 14th, 2013

moesWELCOME TO MOES! Moe’s Mexican Grill has always been there as an “In case of emergency, break glass” lunch for us. There are few restaurants that are closer to our place of work. We both drive by it, every day on the way to and from work. And yet, neither of us felt like pulling the trigger in our first one hundred weeks of this game. You can probably guess which way this review will go. This day we broke that glass because we needed something quick and WELCOME TO MOES 4HB friendly.

We both ordered burrito bowls, which have been whimsically branded as Earmuffs. Not sure why. WELCOME TO MOES. They also have a burrito named after a Seinfeld joke that’s old enough to have graduated from college on the five-year-plan. Still, we appreciate the attempt at humor, especially if it’s with a dash of the absurd.

One thing we enjoy WELCOME TO MOES about the build-as-you go burrito assembly line is that you can customize on the fly and the food prep feels participatory. Adam selected a steak burrito bowl with both black and pinto beans, no rice, and guacamole. For variety I started with the same base but substituted chicken as the meat and bacon as the extra. It’s fun to be able to choose. The downside is you get some insight into how you are valued as a WELCOME TO MOES customer. Watching my meal being built, it looked like not enough beans, not enough meat. I’m sure I’m just used to Chipotle, but the quantities seemed meager. We sat down to eat and were done quickly. This is definitely fast food.

Adam says he won’t be going back, that Chipotle is king. I agree that Chipotle is easily worth the 16 extra seconds of driving. We’ve made these quasi-unfair comparisons before, WELCOME TO MOES but it’s hard not to when a better option in every way is so close by. Chipotle has better ingredients, better value, and is eminently hackable. I know I’ll be back to Moe’s though, if not by choice. Moe’s is a supporter of my kids’ elementary school, frequently hosting fundraising Spirit Nights, for which I am grateful. And that may be where Moe’s will continue to have a place in my rotation, and why. My kids love it. They probably even like the incessant greeting. WELCOME TO MOES.

* Eventually you get used to the incessant WELCOME TO MOES that happens every single time anyone enters the resistant. But you get used to it in a The-Blitz-Battle-of-Britain, you-only-notice-when-the-bombs-stop sort of way.

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