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Queen’s Dim Sum [102]

by samichez on January 22nd, 2013

photo (7)We spent the better half of a week in August 2012 honing our Hall of Fame list down to a razor fine edge. It was important to us. We want to offer you, dear reader, restaurant recommendations you can trust. Conversely when the rare stinker comes up, we are going to tell you about that too.

Queen’s Dim Sum is located on West Broad street in a restaurant spot that seems to cycle through new places every two years. It does little to hide its bones, but the interior is welcoming enough. We met Wayne and Chuck (52L regulars) there at noon last week. Save one table, the place was a ghost town. Not the sounding of the death knell per se, there are a handful of places that get by with light lunch crowds and make up for it by dinner. Maybe Queen’s was the exception, not the rule?

We were seated and immediately approached by three different servers for drink orders and dim sum selections. They were friendly and engaged. We ordered rounds of pork buns, steamed beef balls, sticky rice in lotus leaves, chicken feet and more. The food came in waves, each seemingly more disappointing than the last. The beef balls tasted like wet meat that had not been seasoned. The chicken feet, admittedly an acquired taste, were almost inedible, consisting mostly of slimy batter and no meat. The pork buns were the saving grace, not coming anywhere close to the best we have ever had, but they tasted good at least.

None in our party of four would return to Queen’s for seconds. All complained outwardly during the meal and continued to do so out into the parking lot. We don’t have a hall of shame, yet, but between Queen’s Dim Sum and King of Szechuan we already have the royal couple of the please don’t go there kingdom.

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