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The Black Sheep [100]

by samichez on January 7th, 2013

USS Brooklyn

Where does one go for the centennial celebration of a thing spawned from making work lunch not boring? This was a subject of conversation as early as [52] and that went down to the wire the day before said celebratory lunch. Like [52], Ethan picked, Allison attended and I am here writing. Unlike 52, The Black Sheep delivered on the hype.

The Sheep is located at Marshall and Goshen, a block that is easy to ride past two or three times. It is tucked into the frame of a former row house. Food is served in what would be the living room and in the Summer you can get drinks in the backyard. The walls are covered with eclectic art and the seating feels a bit communal. It is warm, inviting and not the least bit forced.

It just so happened that Ethan/Allison had the day off and I was starting a half day of beer collecting. Blocking off time for lunch was not an issue for us, but for the average West Ender it would be haul and a half. It is worth every mile it takes to get there though. The food and drink are superb. We three all got sammiches, but the rest of the menu is on point too. Allison had the Ms. P, a side of corn pudding, washed it down with a spicy ginger ale and loved every bite. Ethan had the USS Congress (half) and a side of slaw. His Congress was great, though neither of us think we could tackle the full. The slaw on the other hand was the only black eye of our trip. He is not a slaw fan and this was no exception, but Allison is and was not impressed either, I missed out on trying it. I skipped sides all together and had a USS Brooklyn (half) with a side of Two Hearted Ale. Both beer and sandwich paired nicely and left me wanting a warm nap.

We had all separately been to Black Sheep previously (dinners, brunches and lunches). So it was no surprise that we loved it for número ciento. It is one of our favorites in Richmond and easily joins 821 and Toast in the Hall of Fame: American style. Go there and be happy that you did!

Hint: Get the Rebel Pot Roast for dinner

Lunch topics: Grading on the curve, new teachers vs. experienced ones, work, parenting with positive/negative reinforcement, beer

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