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The Grill at Patterson and Libbie [99]

by Ethan on January 2nd, 2013

As we near [100], we find ourselves thankfully straying from the clutch of the Far West End. Short Pump and its environs has been good to us, but the streets are starting to feel a bit worn. For this week we continued our beachhead assault on the Libbie Avenue area with The Grill at Patterson and Libbie. I can’t quite remember where it was but maybe you can google it.

Mexi BurgerThis was another recommendation from my mom and her husband, who know all the lunch eateries in Richmond. What I screwed up was that it was “the best burger in Richmond”. Found out later they never said that. In retrospect, I should have had the chicken sandwich, which is allegedly terrific. But, you go with the lunch you have for these reviews. I ordered the Mexi Burger (burger with pico de gallo & pepperjack cheese) and french fries. The burger was hand-patted and soft, arrived medium just as ordered. The toppings and bun were high quality (52L firmly believes that the bread makes the sandwich). It was yummy and messy (in a good way). The fries were batter-dipped, typical for higher-end “gastropubs” but certainly above average and I had to force myself not to finish them.

Gyro and asparagusAdam ordered the Lamb Gyro with a side of asparagus. The contents of gyro were all good but the pita was unremarkable (see above), especially compared to others we have had. We stipulate that this may not be a fair comparison. But the asparagus was a true letdown. Not seasoned and not roasted. It might have been steamed, but it might have been microwaved. Either way, Adam has said it’s easy to do asparagus right, and it’s a disappointment when a restaurant can’t. As for the location itself, we blew it by not sitting outside on what turned out to be the last good lunch day of 2012. We sat inside and froze in the over-air-conditioned interior, but the decor was cheery with bright and polished hardwood flooring and paneling.

Overall we enjoyed our meal well enough. The Grill at Patterson and Libbie has a great location and probably gets a lot of business from shoppers who are already there for the multitude of shops (and shoppes) and salons at this upscale intersection. And they probably come back because the food was good. For us, we’re glad we went, but it’s not quite to the level of being a destination in and of itself. But if I was shopping in the area, I’d certainly stop in. And probably try that chicken.

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