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El Toro Loco [104]

by samichez on February 5th, 2013

photo (8)This year we decided to expand the boundaries of all that we surveyed. If we planned to keep dining at new places that is. That meant looking East, as there is very little out West of the West End. Luckily for us and you, we found a wealth of restaurants to visit in the coming months. One such place was El Toro Loco, Mexican cuisine at the corner of Staples Mill and Broad.

We threw Meg into the mix because she is generally good company and we don’t always have to talk about video games and comic books. El Toro didin’t seem so crazy from the outside and the interior was decorated in a standard Mexican restaurant style. Save some large, presumably “traditional” dresses displayed on the walls and better natural lighting than most. Our booth seat next to the window actually felt like it was next to a window. It was oddly refreshing.

For eats we all went with carnitas, double beans and no rice. The portion was large and the “little meats” were cooked and seasoned well. I thought the guacamole was a bit over mixed, I prefer larger chunks of avocado. Meg deemed the pico de gallo a little spicy, but Ethan and I didn’t mind. We three all enjoyed the meal, but agreed that it was a long haul from Innsbrook for carnitas that were not as good as El Paso. That said our Hall of Fame is still dominated by lunch counter Mexican joints.

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