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Good Foods Grocery [105]

by Ethan on February 12th, 2013

florentine52L Muse Sarah suggested Good Foods Grocery over a year ago. I used to shop there when our family was navigating gluten and dairy allergies. (Aside: one or the other is easy enough, but the combination is a challenge). It’s been a while, though and I hadn’t realized they had added a lunch counter. Turns out they reconfigured the store considerably. The ordering counter is in the back of the store and there are 10-12 tables in the front for in-store dining.

The menu gave us plenty of interesting options, but we both settled on paninis: Adam ordered the Florentine (Chicken, spinach, feta cheese, grilled onions and garlic basil aioli drizzle on gluten-free bread) and I ordered the Milan (Chicken, roasted red peppers, grilled onions, fresh mozzarella and basil pesto on the same bread). Adam substituted a side of broccoli and I ordered side of roasted potatoes. We ordered and were informed they’d call us in “15 minutes”.

We readily admit that we are spoiled by fast food and fast casual, but fifteen minutes seemed like a long time for a couple made-to-order sandwihches and pre-made sides. We picked out a couple Blenheim Ginger Ales and sat down to wait. And wait, we did. After 30 minutes, we lost patience and walked back to the counter to find the finishing touches being placed on our meals. Actually, I think they were done, they just hadn’t called our names. There was also some momentary confusion as to which side belonged to which ‘wich.

In football terms, Good Foods was down by three touchdowns at halftime.

milanTurns out, the sandwichs were worth the wait. We both used words like “excellent” and “fantastic” to describe our panninis. The sides weren’t as great, but you don’t judge a sandwhich by the accompaniment. Actually, we usually judge by the bread, but in this case the innards stole the show. GoodFoods has a storefront Your Chow Hound, where you can order your meal prior to arrival. We feel this to be a good option. The food was very good, easily worth a return trip, but 30 minutes is a long time to wait if you’re on a time budget. Normally, I’m a riduiculously fast eater, but this I felt like I needed to rush to finish and get going. Ordering ahead seems like an excellent workaround and we’re glad it’s there.

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  1. Michael K permalink

    Hello Adam and Ethan,

    We are very happy that you stopped by to have lunch at Good Foods Cafe and so glad that you enjoyed the paninis. But we were very dissapointed that your lunch took so long to be prepared and hope that we will have another chance to improve. I hope you will try us again and If you do please contact me by email before coming.

    All the best,
    Michael K

  2. samichez permalink

    Thanks Mike, the food was great and we both live a stones throw away from Good Foods. We will be back in for sure.

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