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Melito’s Restaurant [108]

by samichez on March 5th, 2013

photo 2 (5)Tucked into the intersection of Three Chopt and Quioccasin is a shopping center that is easy to miss. Most of it is empty or part of a heavy rotation of stores, but at it’s cornerstone is Melito’s. Neighborhood bar by night and busy lunch spot for the folks that work on Forest Ave. by day. Last week we met Chuck and Wayne there, pre game night, and had a rare moment in 52L history. A wait.

Waiting for a table does not seem like the end of the earth, but it can eat up a lunch hour quick. Thankfully we were seated soon after, in less time than the estimate we received, a plus. Melito’s interior sports two rows of clustered booths (diner style) and a bar that extends the length of the restaurant. With so much traffic it looked a bit out of place in Richmond actually, not off putting, but different in a good way.

When we were seated, the wait staff was friendly and the food came out quickly. Daily specials for Chuck and Wayne, of which my mind has lost the details. I’m the worst, but they had no complaints. Ethan on the other hand, I know had the grilled Guinness bratwurst sandwich. A brat grilled in Guinness, on a hoagie, with peppers and onions and a side of fries. The sandwich had good bread, the brats and peppers were tasty too, but it felt a bit light. For $10 and change it would be nice to get a bit more volume.

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I ordered the fried tilapia and bacon wrap. Filled with lettuce, tomatoes and a slightly tart sauce. I passed on the side of fries that came with and went with the coleslaw instead. The wraps contents were great. The fish was neither dry nor oily, perfectly prepared. The wrap unfortunately was bland and there was too much of it. When I decided to tear away a portion of it the meal came into balance a bit. Though just eating the insides with a fork would have been the pro move.

One could hypothesis that the crowd at Melito’s is do in part to the lack of selection in the area. I would argue that one is wrong however. “One” can be a total jerk sometimes. The quality of food and service warrant the wait we had last week. There are better options in the area, the portions could be a bit bigger, but not by much. You can not go wrong with a trip to Melito’s.

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  1. I’ve been going to Melito’s off and on for years and years. There’s ALWAYS a wait for lunch and dinner, every day of the week – and it’s well-deserved! Try any of their pies (kentucky derbys is amazing but I believe they had to rename it a few years back), the coconut pie is also delicious. They have the best club sandwich in town, and I guarantee the portion sizes would be satisfactory. The dinner-time appetizer of black bean cakes is also a favorite of my family’s, in addition to a summer salad. Try it again and report back! 😉

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