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Lunch [109]

by Ethan on March 11th, 2013

[Insert your own obvious “Lunch”/”52 Lunches” pun here. It will be better than mine.]

scottsadditionLunch is a cozy eatery just off Broad in Scott’s Addition, a small section of the City between Boulevard, Broad, 195 and the railroad tracks. Predominantly industrial/commercial (I buy my tires here, and have never been to that place next door), some other use companies have been moving in, like Richmond Cycling Corps and Lunch. Unaware of its stellar rating on Urbanspoon, 52L drove a little farther than normal to celebrate the end of a very hard work month.

Walking through the door, we were stuck by two things. First, the place is small. Compact and cozy. We were seated at a two-top, between two others, but it never felt cramped. The better part is that because it’s small, we were very close to the kitchen, which was a plus. Too often at other restaurants the only smells you get are of Windex from the table next to you getting cleared. Not so here. We were treated with the smells of delicious while we waited briefly for our food. This felt like coming home and dinner was already being made.

SummitaveThe menu is full and there are overlapping windows of time. You can order breakfast until 3pm, lunch as early as when they open, and dinner starting at 5pm. We both paged past some appealing brunch options to the sandwiches. Adam ordered the Scott’s Addition (grilled chicken breast with pulled pork, cheese, slaw, & BBQ sauce) and I had the Summit Avenue (grilled chicken breast with bacon, cheddar, & BBQ sauce). I took the default kettle chips and Adam subbed in more slaw. Adam had never had pulled pork on chicken and came away a big fan. The slaw was a winner, too, flavorful and not too tart. My sandwich was also excellent, the chicken and bacon perfect. We both noted that sandwiches with BBQ are super-messy, but not in a bad way.

The meal was great, affordable too. Lunch earns a spot in our Hall of Fame, edging out the Rose Marie Inn. Nothing against the Rose Marie, but Lunch is a place we will recommend to others and are sure to visit again on our own.

Lunch topics: work, the many endings of Mass Effect 3, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3
SimCity launch problems, Gears of War and game franchise (non-)iteration, The Passage, The Black Company, running

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